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Nicola e Francesco Biscotti

Favola in Tavola

The creators of the restaurant are two young brothers Nicola and Francesco Biscotti. Their journey begins as boys. Nicola, began to take his first steps in the kitchen in the summer of 1996, even before starting the hotel school, attracted by those aromas that a pan with a little tomato and basil could release. Passion and dedication lead Nicola to undertake various roles in catering as a bartender, waiter but it will be the kitchen that will break into his heart so much that he will no longer be able to stay away from him. He leaves the hotel school in the third year, to pursue a career in renowned Apulian restaurants, allowing himself, however, a significant three-year experience in the Treviso area, a place where he amplifies his culinary knowledge and sensitivity. Francesco, embarked on a career parallel to that of his brother as manager of the dining room and the wine cellar in Italy and abroad. Back in Puglia, they both undertake the courageous decision to open their own restaurant. Their experiences are an integral part of the Favola in Tavola project, born seven years ago with a specific goal: to make this place a welcoming and elegant restaurant and, at the same time, convivial, with a culinary proposal that tells the territory, putting at the center the culture of wine and the authenticity of local products.


A space to share

In a setting with an enchanting atmosphere, stands the Favola in Tavola restaurant. A location close to the monumental area, a reference point for those who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the trulli of Alberobello. An environment, a unique symphony between old and new, capable of welcoming anyone who wants to be in company. The fluid and comfortable spaces, the search for emotional materials and colors determine the true essence of the location, conceived to be lived in company. A stimulating and well-being atmosphere, a unique setting to fully enjoy the products of our land that enchants every day with its history full of colors, sounds and scents.


Tradition and Innovation

The dishes in our restaurant are made following an ethical choice: selecting an excellent raw material directly from small breeders, growers, fishermen from the Italian territory, following their seasonality. The goal is that each dish enhances the ingredients by working them as little as possible and preserving their original flavors.

Wine List


Our Wine List contains the best Italian and non-Italian wine productions. An unmissable space dedicated to artisanal productions, with unique wines, which tell the story of the territory and the industriousness of the winemakers.
There is a wide offer by the glass, including classic method, Champagne and still wines paired with the chef's proposals.

Food and wine experience

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